UPMC Radiologists named in Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Doctors of 2016

Congratulations to the radiologists selected under Radiology and Nuclear Medicine as “Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Doctors” of 2016:

  • Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, FACR
  • Carl Fuhrman, MD
  • Joan Lacomis, MD
  • James M. Mountz, MD, PhD
  • William Rothfus, MD
  • Mitchell Tublin, MD
  • Giulio Zuccoli, MD

Radiology Fundraiser

The “Radiology has Heart” happy hour fundraiser for the American Heart Association raised $2200. Congratulations to Dr. Joan Lacomis for chairing such a successful event.

Diagnostic Imaging: Genitourinary, 3rd Edition

Congratulations to Drs. Tublin, Borhani, Furlan, Heller and Dysam on the publication of their new textbook, “Diagnostic Imaging: Genitourinary, 3rd Edition”.

Please click the text book image for detail information.

Dr. Modo's Image on Human Brain Mapping Journal

Congratulations to Mike Modo. An image from his paper, “Detection of aberrant hippocampal mossy fiber connections: Ex vivo mesoscale diffusion MRI and microtractography with histological validation in a patient with uncontrolled temporal lobe epilepsy” was featured on the cover of the journal Human Brain Mapping.

New Grants 2015

Dr. Carolyn Anderson’s new R01, “PET Probes Targeting Immune Cells for Imaging Tuberculosis” was recently recommended for funding. This study will develop new PET imaging probes that target activated macrophages and neutrophils found in TB lesions, which could eventually lead to more accurate diagnoses and techniques to assess treatment response.

Dr. Panigrahy has been awarded an R01 to study the brain connectcome and neurodevelopmental outcomes in pediatric patients with congenital heart disease. The goal of this study is to evaluate the association between alterations in brain networks and neurocognitive deficits in Fontan survivors to better understand the role of developing neural architecture in cognitive-behavioral phenotypes.

Imaging Research Advocacy

Shandong Wu, PhD received a travel award from the Academy of Radiology research to attend the Medical Technology Showcase on Capitol Hill. This event, sponsored by the Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research, brought together researchers, industry representatives as well as members of Congress and their staff as a way to raise the profile of imaging research. Dr. Wu presented his work on developing quantitative breast MRI biomarkers for improving breast cancer risk assessment.

2015 Pittsburgh MR Imaging Community Retreat

The 4th annual Pittsburgh MR Imaging Community Retreat was recently held in the Biomedical Science Tower. The retreat consisted of a poser session and talks that highlighted work done at each of the imaging centers across the community. At the end of the retreat, winners were announced for best poster in three groups:

1. Students
    Bart Larsen: The development of convergent corticostrial connectivity during adolescence.

2. Postdoctoral Fellows
    Alex Poplawsky: Pharmacological blockade of inhibitory neuronal activation reduces the evoked fMRI response to LOT stimulation in the rat olfactory bulb.

3. Junior Faculty
    Layla Banihashemi: Childhood adversity predicts the structural integrity of limbic white matter in combat veterans.

Establishment of the ENT Imaging Center of Excellence

The ENT Imaging Center of Excellence offers highly sub-specialized interpretations of CT, MRI, and PET/CT examinations for Otolaryngology patients throughout the UPMC enterprise. ENT Radiologists have established a physical presence in the ENT clinic at the Eye and Ear Hospital that we hope will become a model for other clinics that would benefit from an embedded radiologist.


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